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  • The Agreement of Co-Ownership the SHIELD-HIT12A code between INR RAS and the Aarhus University, Denmark, has been signed on March 16, 2017. The SHIELD-HIT12A project is presented on the website
  • The book is issued: N.M.Sobolevsky. The Monte Carlo Method for Interaction of Particles with Matter. Moscow, FIZMATLIT, 2017 (in Russian).
  • L.N.Latysheva, S.G.Lebedev, N.M.Sobolevsky, A.V.Feschenko. The stand for irradiation of printed circuit boards at the proton linac INR RAS: particle fluxes, activation and dose rate. Preprint INR RAS 1426/2016, Moscow, 2016 (in Russian).
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  • The SHIELD-HIT12A transport code is registered in the Russian State Register of Computer Codes on 25 November 2015 with No.2015662445: The computer code for calculating the interaction of therapeutic beams of light nuclei with biological tissue for clinical use "SHIELD-HIT12A". The legal owners are Institute for Nuclear research of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Aarhus University, Denmark.
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    Poster talk at the NUFRA2015 International Conference Kemer, Turkey, October 6 11, 2015.
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  • N.Sobolevsky. Nuclear models and data in SHIELD-HIT. Invited talk at 7-th Danish Workshop on Particle Therapy: Nuclear fragmentation models in Monte Carlo codes relevant for particle therapy, 23-24 January 2013, Aarhus University, Denmark.
  • According to SLOCcount, the total estimated cost to develop the SHIELD-HIT code exceeds $2,000,000.
  • L.N.Latysheva, A.A.Bergman, N.M.Sobolevsky, R.D.Ilic'. Effect of the Size of Experimental Channels of the Lead Slowing-Down Spectrometer SVZ-100 (Institute of Nuclear Research, Moscow) on the Moderation Constant. Phys.Atom.Nucl.76(2013)464-468.
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  • The Department of Experimental Clinical Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark, and the Institute for Nuclear Research RAS, Moscow, Russia, have entered into Agreement on Scientific Collaboration concerning the development of a treatment planning system for carbon ion beam therapy.
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  • The SHIELD transport code for simulation of interaction of particles with complex extended targets is registered in the Russian State Register of Computer Codes on 18 August 2008 with No.2008613935. The legal owner is the Institute for Nuclear research of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • N.M.Sobolevsky, L.N.Latysheva Application of the SHIELD Transport Code In the Field of Hadron Therapy. Invited Talk at the CoNuSS2008 International Conference, Belgrade, Serbia, September 22-25, 2008.
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