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Over years of its life-time and development the SHIELD transport code was used for calculations in various areas of nuclear physics. The references presented below provide an insight into the applications of the SHIELD code.

Spallation process in heavy targets under irradiation by proton and ion beams. Accelerator Driven Systems (ADS).

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Simulation of experimental physics detectors

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Optimization of pion-producing targets.

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Interaction of therapeutic beams of protons and light ions with tissue like media.

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  20. The Agreement of Co-Ownership the SHIELD-HIT12A code between INR RAS and the Aarhus University, Denmark, has been signed on March 16, 2017. The SHIELD-HIT12A project is presented on the website
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Action of the Galactic Cosmic Rays upon Space vehicles and natural objects.

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Dynamical stage of the cascade of atomic displacements.

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