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The MSDM generator of inelastic nuclear interactions (Multi Stage Dynamical Model)

The SHIELD transport code includes the MSDM generator [1] of inelastic nuclear interactions. The MSDM generator describes all stages of the nuclear reaction in the exclusive approach. Current versions of known Russian nuclear models are interfaced in the MSDM generator:

Fast, cascade stage of the nuclear reaction

  • The model of intranuclear cascades DCM (Dubna Cascade Model ) [2]

  • The model of independent quark-gluon strings (QGSM) [3,4]

  • The coalescence model [2]

Precompound emission of nucleons and lightest nuclei [5].

Equilibrium deexcitation of a residual nucleus

  • Fermi break-up of light nuclei [6]

  • Evaporation/Fission competition [6,7]

  • Multifragmentation of highly excited nuclei (SMM) [8]

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