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The DataForge is currently being developed in Sector for mathematical support of Institute for Nuclear Research of Russian academy of Sciences .

Other data analysis framework

Root is the most used data analysis framework in particle physics. The documentation for this platform is extensive and it has good scientific community support. Its main problem is its architecture which originates in 1980-s and holds a lot of legacy drawbacks of older FORTRAN platforms. Also the general problem is C++. While being very flexible, C++ requires a lot of programming expertise to write safe and consistent code. Sadly, physicists seldom are not very good programmers. Nowadays Root hits the roof of its usability.

Additional information about Root criticism could be found here.

The java analysis studio is quite advanced data visualization framework developed in Standford accelerator center. It is modular and has good object oriented design

It is intended to make an interface to integrate DataForge framework with JAS3 visualization via AIDA plugin


DataMelt is huge collection of scientific libraries accompanied by visual framework which allows to write analysis scripts in different JVM languages. It is a good memory-safe alternative to Root, but sadly it inherits a lot of Root architectural drawbacks as well.