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The first issue is Russian visa that is required for almost every member of collaboration.

Procedure to receive visa is time consuming and we kindly ask you send us BEFORE APRIL,12 subsequent information:

1.Your family name

2.Your fist (second) names

3.Date of birth

4.State and place (region, city) of birth


6.State and place of permanent residence.

7.State and place where you are going to receive Russian visa.

8.Name of your institution.

9.Address of your institution.

10.Your position.

11.Passport number

12.Passport issue date and expire date.

Let us now if you are going to visit other than Moscow regions of Russia (say, St-Petersburg, Nijniy Novgorod, etc), please.

For visa application we need photo copy of pages of your passport with picture, name, passport number, validity date. If you are not citizen of the country of your residence, we need a copy of the page with your residence permit.

As fax message quality when received in Russia is usually quite pure, we are kindly asking you to scan these pages and send us images as E-mail attachment in ordinary graphic format: jpeg, gif (150 dpi).

If you are going to be accompanied by somebody, we need similar information for these persons. We are going to ask one month visa for visitors (normally from 1 to 30 June), so you are free to plan extra activity for the period before and after meeting.

After receiving your papers we will request formal invitation for you from Russian authority. When formality will be completed we will send you number of your formal invitation. With this number you will be able to request visa from particular Russian consulate your indicated above.

To make this procedure less painful we recommend to use local travel agencies specialised in receiving Russian visa.


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