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Cars in Russia have priority at the roads. Be carefull ! Usual zebra at the road practically means nothing. Nobody will stop even you start cross the road. Safe ways are underground passage (every 100 meter at the center of Moscow) and zebra WITH traffic lights.

Currency exchange office.
Euro and US dollar - everywhere, especially at the center. Usually no comission if you sell foreign currency. Coins are not accepted.
Exchange rate approximatelly 1 Euro  = 35.3 roubles, 1 US $ = 29 roubles (1 Junel 2004). Do not exchange your money at the street outside the exchange office.

Fastes and cheapest way to visit any place at the city. Ticket for 1 trip costs 10 roubles, for 10 trips 75 roubles. There is no zone or time limitation. This ticket is not valid for bus or trolleybus.




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