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Research complex in Troitsk

Moscow Meson Factory is a shared research center conducting experiments with high - current beams of protons, negative hydrogen ions and secondary particles in the fields of particle physics, atomic nuclear physics, neutrino physics, physics of particle accelerators and neutron sources, condensed matter physics, radiation materials science, radiochemistry, radioisotope production for medicine and industry, medical diagnostics, beam- and radiotherapy, studies radioactive waste processing and electronuclear way of getting energy, etc.
• the high - current linear accelerator of protons and H- ions with a design energy u to 600 MeV, an average bm current u to 0.5 mA and a pulsed current u to 50 mA;

• the experimental hall with channels of primary and secondary particles at various energies, experimental setups and system for beam diagnostics;
Linear accelerator Linear accelerator
Pulsed neutron source Pulsed neutron source • the neutron complex which consists of a pulsed thermal neutron source with intensity u to 1015 neutrons per sec, a lead slowing-down neutr spectrometer, neutronographical and X-ray instruments, a Mossbauer spectrometer for material studies;
• the complex for producing radionuclides for medicine and industry at 160 MeV proton beam (82Sr, 68Ge, 109Cd, 22Na, 117mSn, 225Ac, 223Ra, etc.); Isotope production Isotope production
Beam therapy complex Beam therapy complex • the complex of ray therapy comprising an X-ray tomograph, an X-ray irradiator, an electron accelerator for gamma irradiation and proton bm channel;
• "Troitsk - Nu - Mass" setup designed to measure the electronic antineutrino mass produced in the tritium beta - decay; Troitsk nu-massTroitsk - Nu - Mass
Gallium regeneration Gallium regeneration • the facility for development of technologies and production of regeneration and purification of gallium for Gallium- Germanium Neutrino Telescope;
• workshop for development and production of scintillation plastic detectors of charged and neutral particles; Scintillation detectors Scintillation detectors
Phase spectrum analyzer Phase spectrum analyzer • the facility for development of technologies of gas phase fusion of super hard materials;

• workshop for development of devices for diagnostics of accelerator bm parameters.

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