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List of G.T.Zatsepin's works

1. The Lateral Extansion of Auger Showers. Phys.Rev.1947, v.71, N 5, p.315-317. with D..Skobel"tsyn and V.V.Miller

2. The penetrating particles in EAS.- DAN SSSR, 1948, v.61, N 1, p.47-49 with S.Kuchai and I.Rozental, russ.

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6. On the structure anomal EAS. DAN SSSR, 1950, v.73, N 6, p. 1157-1160, with D.V.Skobel"tsyn, russ.

7. On the general theory the nuclear-cascade process.- DAN SSSR, 1954 v.99, N 3, p.369-372, with I.L.Rozental et al., russ.

8. On the depth dependance of EAS. DAN SSSR, 1954, v.99, N 6, p.951-954, with L.I.Sarycheva, russ.

9. Nuclear-cascade process and EAS. Doctor thesis, 1954, Lebedev Institute, russ.

10. High energy muons. Proceed.of Moscow conference on c.r. Moscow, 1959, with I.Alexeyev, russ.

11. Calculations of some features of EAS taking fluctuations into account. Proceedings of Moscow conf. on c.r.,1959, with L.Dedenko, russ.

12. To the problem on high energy neutrino physics. Izv.AN SSSR, ser.fiz., 26, N 6 (1962) with I.M.Zheleznykch, V.A.Kuzmin, M.A.Markov, russ.

13. Angular distributions of high energy muon component inthe atmosphere and mechanism of their production. JETPh, v.39, iss..6 (12),1677 (1960), with V.A.Kuzmin

14. A p[ossibility to measure the depth dependance of nuclear component from muons interaction by radiochemical method. Izv.AN SSSR, ser.fiz., v.40, N 5, 1052 (1976), with I.R.Barabanov, V.N.Gavrin, I.V.Orekchov, in russ.

15. Study of cosmic ray muons with x-ray emulsion chambers.Proceeding International Cosmic Ray Symposium on High Energy Phenomena, Japan, Nov., 1974 with T.P.Amineva et al.

16. Some problems of neutrino physics. Vestnik AN SSSR, N 2, (1964), with V.A.Kuzmin, russ.

17. On the experimental possibilities of the observation of neutrinos from collapsing stars. Proc.Int.Conf.Cosmic Rays 1965, 1030, London Sept.1965 with G.V.Domogatsky

18. On the neutrino spectroscopy of the Sun. Proc.of the 9th Intern.Cosmic Ray Conf., 1023, London, Sept., 1965 with V.A.Kuzmin

19. The depth-intensity curve of muons and their energy spectrum. Proc.Int.Conf.Cosmic Rays, 1965, with E.D.Mikhalchi

20. Temperature effect and the mechanism of producing high energy muons in the atmosphere. Proc.11th Int.Conf.on Cosmic Rays, Budapest, 1969, with L.V.Volkova

21. Energy spectra of muoin and electron neutrino in the atmosphere. Izv.AN SSSR, ser.fiz.., v. 29, N 9, 1740 (1965) , with L.V.Volkova ,russ.

22. The energy spectra of muons and neutrinos generated by cosmic rays in different substances. Proc.IX Int.Conf.Cosmic Rays, 1965, with L.V.Volkova.

23.To the analysis of neutrino experiment in cosmic rays. Yadernaya fizika, v.14., iss.1, 211 (1971), with L.V.Volkova, russ.

24. To the problem of neutrino propagation through the Earth. Izv.AN SSSR, v.38, N 5, 1060 (1974), with L.V.Volkova, russ.

25. On the behaviour of total neutrino interaction cross-section neutrino-nucleon at high energies. Izv.AN SSSR, ser.fiz., 1974, N_38, 1064-1065, with L.V.Volkova, russ.

26. Prompt lepton production- spectra of atmospheric muons and neutrinos at high energies. Ya.Ph., 1983, 37, 353-359, with L.V.Volkova, russ.

27. Prompt atmospheric muons and neutrinos spectra. Izv.AN SSSR, ser.fiz., 1985, 49, 1386-1388, with L.V.Volkova, russ.

28. On the origin of cosmic rays at high energies.Acta Physica Hing. 29, Suppl. 1,55, 1970, with V.S.Berezinsky

29. On the origin of cosmic rays at ultra high energies.Jadern.phys.,793, 1971, with V.S.Berezinsky

30.Investigation of characterisitics of cascades from hadrons with energy 20-100 TeV detected with x-ray emulsion chamber. Proc.20th ICRC, Moscow (1987), v.5, 244, Pamir collab.

31.Analysis of galo families structure of gamma-quanta with energy 500 TeV. Izv.AN SSSR, ser.phys., v.?.53, N 2 (1989), p.212, Pamir collaboration

32.A superfamily with unusual hadron characteristics detected in deep lead chamber. Prepr.PhiAN, N 208, Moscow, (1989) , with A.S.Borisov et al.

33. Calculation on neutron generation by muons for deep underground. Izv.AN SSSR, ser.fiz., 1965, v.29, N 10, p.1946-1948, with O.G.Ryajskaya, russ.

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35. The project of an arrangement for the detection of neutrino radiation from collapsing stars. Proc.of 13 th ICRC, Denver, 1973, v.3, 2007-2011, with O.G.Ryajskaya and A.E.Chudakov.

36. The possibilities of scintillating installation in Artyomovsk (Ukraine) for collapsing star antineutrino registration. Proc.of Neutrino Conference, 1979, Purdue University, 881, with V.Beresnev et al.

37. The 90 tons liquid scintillation detector in the Mont Blanc laboratory, Nuovo Cim.C 7, 573, 1984, p.573 with G.Badino et al. (Sov.-It-coll.).

38. Present status of the large volume detector (LVD) at the Gran Sasso Lab. Proc.of 20 ICRC, Moscow, 1987, v.9, p.221-223. (sov.-it.coll.).

39. On the event observed in the Mt.Blanc Underground Neutrino Observatory during the Supernova1987A. Europhys.Lett. 1987, 3(12), 1315-1320, (sov.-it.collab.).

40. The Large Volume Detector (LVD) - a multipurpose underground detector at Gran Sasso, Nucl.Instrum. and Meth. In Phys.Rev., 1989, A277, N 1, p.11-16 (Bari G. et al. 135 coll. )

41. Muons and neutrinos in the cosmic radiation. Nuovo cim., 1996, 19 C, N 5, p.655-670, LVD collab.

42. To the problen on the primary nucleon spectrum. XXV ICRC, v.2, 660-663, with L.V.Volkova and A.V.Apanasenko

43. Apanasenko A.V. et al. (RUNJOB Collaboration)."The development of triangulation methods for searching of vertex points in emulsion chambers" Proc. of 25th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Durban, 1997, v.5, p.301. 44. G.T.Zatsepin, D.S.Oshuev, I.V.Rakobolskaya et al. Russian-Japanese balloon experiment (RUNJOB) on studing chemical composition and spectrum of primary cosmic radiation at energies 1-500 TeV. Izv.RAN ser.fiz, 61, 11-16, 1997 45. The solar neutrino problem and the radiochemical lithium detector, with S.N.Dan"shin, A.V.Kopylov, V.V.Petukhov, E.A.Yanovich. Fiz.elem.chastits and At.Yadra (russ.j.), 28, 5-12 Jan.-Feb., 1997.

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49. J.N.Abdurashitov tt al (SAGEE Collaboration) Measurement of the response of the Russian-American Gallium Experiment to neutrinos from a 51Cl source, Phys.Rev.C. 59, 2246 (1999)

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51.J.N.Abdurashitov et al. (SAGE Collaboration) Measurement of the Solar Neutrino Capture Rate with Gallium Metal 52.L.V.Volkova, G.T.Zatsepin. Nuclear Physics 63 (2000) 1126-1128. To problem on charm production at high energies.

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61. Chubenko A.P.,...Mukhamedshin R.A.,...Zatsepin G.T. et al.A new complex installation ATHLET for the investigation of interactions in ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays on Tien-Shan mountain, Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A527: (2004) 648-651.

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