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Vladimir Lobashev publications

1. About some possibility to study weak nuclon-nuclon investigation. Yadernaya Fysika 1965, N. 5, 957.

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15. . -0291, 1983, .. .

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28. Energy loss of 18 keV electrons in gaseous T2 and quench condensed D2 films. The Europen Physical Journal D, 10 (2000), p. 39-52. V.N.Aseev, A.I.Belesev, A.I. Berlev et al.

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31. KATRIN Design Report 2004 Forshungzentrum Karlsruhe in der Helmholtz -Gemeinschaft KATRIN Collaboration

32. The Search for the Neutrino Mass by Direct Method in the Tritium Beta-decay and Perspectives of Study it in the Project KATRIN, XI Intern. Workshop on "Neutrino Telescopes", Feb. 2005 ., Venice. V.M Lobashev

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