IPAC 2014

5-th International Particle Accelerator Conference15 - 20 June 2014 / Germany, Dresden

J.W. McKenzie, P.A. Goudket, T.J. Jones, B.L. Militsyn, L.S. Cowie, G. Burt, V.V. Paramonov

Cavity design for S-band Photoinjector RF Gun with 400 Hz Repetition Rate.








Linac 2014

27th Linear Accelerator Conference

31 August - 05 September 2014 / Switzerland, Geneva

     B.L.Militsyn, L.S. Cowie, P. Goudket, J.W.McKenzie, G. Burt,T.J. Jone, V.V. Paramonov, A.K. Skasyrskaya, Design of the High Repetition Rate Photocathode Gun for the CLARA project.

V. Paramonov, Limitations for Acceleration of Intermediate Mass Particles with Traveling Wave Structure. Proc. Linac 2014.

V. Paramonov, Comparison of Normal ConductingHigh Energy Accelerating Structures for a Moderate Operating Frequency.



XXIV Russian Particle Accelerator Conference RuPAC-2014,

Obninsk, Russia, October 6-10, 2014.

1.      S..Bragin, A.V.Feschenko, A.N.Mirzojan, V.A.Moiseev, O.M.Volodkevich. Beam formation for different energies on the target of INR isotope complex with the transversephase space parameters demande.

2.      O.Volodkevich, S.Bragin, A.Feschenko, O.Grekhov, Yu.Kiselev, V.Kokhanyuk, V.Mikhailov, A.Mirzojan, V.Serov . Use of fast magnetic beam raster system for INR isotope production facility.

3.      E.S. Nikulin, A.S. Belov, O.T. Frolov, L.P. Nechaeva, A.V. Turbabin, V.N. Zubets, INR RAS linac proton injector 100 Hz operation mode.

4.      O.T. Frolov, A. S. Belov, S.E. Golubovskyi, E. S. Nikulin and V. N. Zubets, Time dependence of ion beam transverse phase-space portrait orientation during linac proton injector pulse.

5.      S. Gavrilov, P. Reinhardt-Nickoulin, I. Vasilyev. Electrostatic pick-ups for debunched beams at INR linac.

6.      O.M. Volodkevich, V.N. Zubets, Yu.V. Kiselev, V.S. Klenov. Development of remote control system for H-minus ions source of INR Linac.

7.      B.A.Frolov, V.S.Klenov,, V.N.Mihailov, O.M. Volodkevich. Simulation and optimization of ion optical extraction, acceleration and h- ion beam matching systems.

8.      V.V. Paramonov, V. N. Leontiev, A.P. Durkin, A.A. Kolomiets. Single Frequency High Intensity High Energy Normal Conducting Hadron Linac.

9.      L.V. Kravchuk, V.V. Paramonov, Experience in Research, Development, Construction and Commissioning of Normally Conducting Accelerating Structures.

21th International Symposium on Spin Physics, SPIN 2014,

October 20-24, 2014, Beijing, China.


1. A. S. Belov, Design of Transversal Phase Space Meter for Atomic Hydrogen Beam Source

2. V.V. Fimushkin, A.D. Kovalenko, L.V. Kutuzova, Yu.V.Prokofichev, A.S. Belov, V.N. Zubets, A.V. Turbabin, Status of the new source of polarized ions for the JINR accelerator complex.