Corresponding Member RAS V.A.Kuzmin

celebrates his 70th birthday

Vadim KUZMIN (born in 1937) - an outstanding theoretical physicist specializing in particle physics, cosmology cosmic rays and neutrino astrophysics.

He suggested a model of generating baryon asymmetry of the Universe in heavy-particle decays, was one of the pioneers of the electroweak baryogenesis, studied neutron-antineutron oscillations, suggested the gallium-germanium method of the solar neutrino detection, demonstrated the possibility of weak violation of the Pauli principle in quantum mechanics, studied non-accelerator mechanisms of ultra-high-energy cosmic-ray production.

In 1966, jointly with G. Zatsepin, he predicted the cut-off in the cosmic-ray spectrum due to proton interaction with the cosmic microwave background. He worked in Lebedev Physical Institute and in the Institute for Nuclear Research (since it was established in 1970).

Currently he leads the Particle astrophysics and cosmology division in the Department of theoretical physics of the Institute for Nuclear Research Russian Academy of Sciences.


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