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Baikal Neutrino Telescope
Name of experiment/device Baikal Neutrino Telescope NT200+
Spokesperson Grigorij Vladimirovitch Domogatsky (Moscow)
Collaborating Institutions Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow; Moscow State University; Irkutsk State University; JINR Dubna; Nizhni Novgorod State University; St.Petersburg State Marine University; Kurchatov Institute, Moscow (all Russia); DESY, Zeuthen (Germany)
Collaborating countries Russia, Germany
Number of authors 55
Number of PhD students 5
Location/Infrastructure Lake Baikal, Siberia;
Research Base operated by INR.
Funding agencies Russian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Education and Technology of Russia, Russian Fund of Basic Research, DESY, German Ministry of Science
Scientific goals High energy neutrino astronomy, dark matter search, exotic particle search, limnology
Design NT200: 192 optical modules at 8 strings, height 72 m, diameter 42 m, depth ~ 1.1 km.
NT200+: NT200 plus 3 outer strings, height 210 m, diameter 200 m, geometric volume 5 Mton.
Present status (R&D, construction, data taking, closed) NT200 completed in 1998, data taken from 1998-2005.
NT200+ upgrade completed in April 2005, data taking.
Most relevant results Limits on fluxes of
- diffuse all-flavour neutrinos: 8.1* 10-7 GeV cm-2 s-1 sr-1
- muons from WIMP annihilation/Earth: 2* 103 km-2 yr-1
- relativistic magnetic monopoles: 5* 10-17 cm-2 s-1 sr-1
- total cost, status of funding
- merging with other projects
- close R&D relations to other
projects - coming relevant reviews
- branch points
NT200+ is also a prototype for a kilometer size telescope at Lake Baikal:
- 2006-2009: R&D (funded)
- 2009/2010: start of construction
A Baikal gigaton detector is part of the long-term basic research strategy in Russia.
Which relevant results are expected, and when Sensitivity based on 3 years of NT200+ data:
- diffuse all-flavor neutrino flux: 2* 10-7 GeV cm-2 s-1 sr-1
- muons from WIMP annihilation/Earth 4* 102 km-2 yr-1
- relativistic magnetic monopoles: 2* 10-17 cm-2 s-1 sr-1.
- limit on the neutrino flux from Galactic Center
Most actual information
- web page
- recent transparencies available on the web
- recent results in journals or on preprint server.
Web pages : ,
Transparencies from above sites.
Recent publications:
- V.Aynutdinov et al, Search for a diffuse flux of high-energy extraterrestrial neutrinos with the NT200 neutrino telescope, astro-ph/0508675, subm. to AstroParticlePhys.
- ICRC2005 / Pune, India. 4 contributions:
astro-ph/0507709, /0507712, /0507713, /0507715.
- V.Aynutdinov et al, The Baikal Neutrino Project: Status, results and perspectives, Nucl.Phys. (Proc.Suppl.) 143 (2005) 335.
- V.Aynutdinov et al, The Baikal Neutrino Telescope - Results and Plans, astro-ph/0507698, Int. J. Mod. Phys. A20 (2005) 6932.
- V.Balkanov et al., Simultaneous measurements of water optical properties by AC9 transmissometer and ASP-15 inherent optical properties meter in Lake Baikal, astro-ph/0207553, NIM A498 (2003) 231

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