KATRIN First light

Long time anticipated message was received on October,14 from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany). For the first time electrons passed through the entire 70-meter-long KATRIN line constructed in the framework of project that started 15 years ago.


Effective electron antineutrino mass measurement project KATRIN was co-founded by academician Vladimir Lobashev, Head of Experimental Physics department of INR RAS. He proposed new approach that was proven in experiment at Troitsk. Unfortunately, his life turned to be too short to push "Start" button together with other KATRIN co-founders.Проект КАТРИН по поиску эффективной массы электронного антинейтрино был заложен заведующим Отделом экспериментальной физики ИЯИ РАН академиком Владимиром Михайловичем Лобашевым на основе оригинальных решений, опробованных на установке в Троицке. К сожалению, он не дожил до того момента, когда вместе с другими основателями проект.

KATRIN First Light starts (left-to-right):
KIT Vice President Oliver Kraft,
co-spokesman Guido Drexlin,
Head of KATRIN Board for the first 15 years Johannes Bluemer,
"Neutrino Mainz" lieder Ernst Otten,
LANL neutrino mass experiment lieder Hamish Robertson.

On the second picture: Count rate of electrons uniformly emitted from "Rear Wall" and detected by focal plane multipixel detector placed at the other end of installation at 70 m distance.

We congratulate current and former INR personnel and our colleagues from other institutions contributed to the "Troitsk nu-mass" and KATRIN projects with this remarkable achievement!
We wish them exciting research on a new, unprecedented level of accuracy! !
Pictures from: http://fotoweb.pkm.kit.edu/fotoweb/albums/WASgl-z7dZ5YC5UKzQz23-x19pNVXFm32MQhKQ/

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