On 3 August 2011, at the age of 78 after a long
and serious disease died a world famous scientist in the field of nuclear
and elementary particle physics, Doctor in physics and mathematics, Professor,
Academician, the Head of Experimental Physics Department of the Institute for Nuclear Research


Academician Vladimir Lobashev made a great contribution to fundamental studies in P and CP violation, neutron and neutrino physics, medium energy physics.

He was the first to discover and research a new effect in quantum electrodynamics - rotation of a polarization plane of gamma-quanta in the medium of polarized electrons which was registered as a discovery.

His works on study of small effects connected with non-conservation of spacial parity were of fundamental significance to prove the universal nature of weak interaction and determined the further development of experiments in this field in the world.

For these studies he was awarded the Lenin Prize (1974).

A large number of outstanding results were obtained in the field of ultra-cold and polarized neutrons.

The most significant scientific results achieved recently by Academician Vladimir Lobashev are connected with the measurement of neutrino mass in beta decay of tritium at the unique Troitsk-NM facility.

Under his supervision original decisions were taken for construction and development of the experimental basis of the unique scientific complex - the Moscow Meson Factory of the Institute for Nuclear Research in Troitsk.

Vladimir Lobashev was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of the city of Troitsk.

Academician Vladimir Lobashev will remain for ever in the memory of his numerous disciples and colleagues as a great researcher who devoted all his life to science.

His research activity was highly appreciated both in our country and abroad. He was awarded many governmental rewards.

It is a great loss for the Russian science.

We express our deep sorrow to the relatives and close friends.

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