The 962nd G.T.Zatsepin's Seminar

"Neutrino and Nuclear Astrophysics"

will be held on Friday, June 16, 2006,
at 11:00 in CONFERENCE Hall of Lebedev Physical Institute (FIAN).
The seminar is dedicated to 85th anniversary of academician A.E.Chudakov

1. G.A.Bazilevskaya (Lebedev Physical Institute) "A.E.Chudakov and cosmophysical studies in Russia"

2. Yu.I.Logachev (SINP MSU) "A.E.Chudakov and the Earth's radiation belts"

3. A.S.Lidvansky (INR RAS) "A.E.Chudakov as the pioneer of Cherenkov and fluorescence techniques in cosmic ray investigations"

Coffee break

4. I.R.Barabanov (INR RAS) "Prospects of the underground physics in detection of low-energy neutrinos"

Seminar secretary: Rauf Mukhamedshin
(495) 132-64-16


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