July 29,2004 is the date of the 70-th birthday of academician Vladimir M.Lobashev

academician Vladimir M.Lobashev

Recent scientific achievements of V. Lobashev are associated with the "Troitsk-nu-mass" installation created under his supervision about ten years ago. The search of neutrinos in tritium decay is going on, and more and more precise restrictions on the value of neutrino mass have been obtained. Now the best worldwide-recognized value was detected in Troitsk and is less than 2.05 eV/c2.

V. Lobashev is known as an outstanding scientist in the field of particle and nuclear physics, a real leader of experimental researches of his numerous colleagues in the Institute for Nuclear Research and the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences.

He has done much in investigations of spatial parity violations and universality of weak interaction, related phenomena in physics of neutrons and neutrinos. His recent proposal for an experiment on muon-electron conversion suggests the four order of magnitude progress in sensibility of the effect measurements.

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